As Ünlü family ,we have been carrying out agriculture and trade for three generations since 1925. For years, we have processed the products we have produced in our own fields and presented them to the markets. Until the 2000's, we reduced our cotton production and operation, which was our main production together with seed production, due to the negative developments in the textile industry in our country and we gave importance to tomato cultivation. Because of the high seedling input in this and similar products, we first established three seedling plants named Hisar seedling in Akhisar, then in Antalya and Izmir. In these facilities, we produced 40% of the seedlings needed by the Turkish industry. Again, we started to support sanai by providing tomato and pepper cultivation in large areas. In 2008, we collected our tomatoes more economically and supported our farmers with the tomato harvesting machines imported from abroad. From the same date ,we gained experience in the sector by having aseptic paste production in various companies. Upon necessity in 2012, we established a 1600 ton tomato paste plant in Manisa/Gölermaramara with a daily processing capacity of 2300 tons and produced 6000 tons of tomato paste. We have programmed our production to be between 20.000 and 25.000 tons of tomato and 5000-8000 tons of pepper paste by increasing the year and year. We work with our technical staff that can control every stage of the food we produce from seed to packaging and with our vehicle trails and extensive land, to offer you the best of our valued customers.

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